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Peace, mercy and blessings of God ... Administrative vice_chancellor and Financial Affairs Department Provide leadership, academic and administrative to the whole University to meet university requirements and taking into account the accuracy of the application of regulations, and instructions.Represent the University externally, both within Iraq and overseas and simplify procedures by switching from manual methods to technical means. Ensuring the success of legal, administrative and financial procedures at the university in accordance with the plans for the development of the university. provide an environment suitable for the plan and the rehabilitation of trained, well equipped cadres with the necessary inputs to be able to perofm the tasks entrusted to them. This can be done by the following : -
  • Following up the implementation of educational and administrative laws for the improvement of the administrational systems.
  • Overtaking routine procedures to achieve the desired goals with lesser time and effort.
  • Determining the duties of each section, department, and unit. .
  • Matching the instructions of the university with quality assurance and scientific accreditation standards.
  • Following financial and administrative procedures.
  • Using developed software for organizing the work of the university.
  • Following the work of the employees and organizing their employment ranks.

Administrative side's achievements

Announces Informatics Division in the administrative wing Babylon University administrative mechanisms followed in obtaining university identities adherents, you can see the mechanics of issuing /  Reissue of the identity browse through one of the following links :

 The issuance of new university identity
  Issuing a university instead of a lost identity
  Reissue of the university's identity

Babylon University under the supervision of Mr. Administrative Assistant of the President of the University of Babylon Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khalil al-Husseini

 Tables ofThe overall achievements HTML
 Tables ofThe overall achievements pdf
Currently sessions held

Gentlemen who wish to enroll in developmental courses set up in the presidency of the University of Babylon please check the link below in the apparent access to the type of courses that are currently open and the details of each session including cycle times and the cost of each session for the purpose, please direct inquiries to the postal addresses for Administrative wing At Here

 Table and sessions for the current half of 2012

The last news for Administrative wing

In order to start using the Channel Select from the list the service on either the left that you would like access to more information about our services provided suggest you Visit Babylon electronic information center

    عدم شمول السيدة الاء حمزة عباس
     07/12/2017 08:29
      Information Technology published by the administrative wing

    حضور السيدة واجدة جبار عكيلي
     12/09/2017 11:42
      Information Technology published by the administrative wing

    حضور السيدة اخلاص عباس
     11/09/2017 13:41
      Information Technology published by the administrative wing

    قرار تكليف
     16/05/2017 11:16
      Information Technology published by the administrative wing

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