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Division of information administration

The division was founded in 1/3/2009 and it has several units like electronic archive unit, IDs unit, and administrative programs unit. The name of the division was changed into Informational Administration in 4/5/2009. The division supervise the wired and wireless network of the university of Babylon which is connected with most of the computers of administration division. The division also responsible about the programs of administration division, updating the data of staff program and networking program in addition to archiving the circular mail, classify and coding the personal files of the staff. Also maintenance of computers of administration division and any other task asked by the administrator .

The division also responsible about making copies to the files of the employees of the university in case something happens to the original copy. Archiving the circular mail of the university where it is possible now to retrieve any copy of the official letters since 1/1/2007. This process helped to shorten the time for searching the official letters in record time. Administrating the wire and wireless network built by the division in the presidency of the university in order to connect the computers of the presidency. The division has the unit of IDs which is responsible about issuing the IDs of the employees.

For accurate data, the division check the data entered by the staff of the network system and staffing system periodically on a monthly basis to avoid any mistake in degrees, scientific titles, and titles of employment. In addition to the other data that are being followed by the division. The division can provide the employees with their CVs from the data base of the division. The staff of the division also responsible about the maintenance of computers of the administration division on a daily basis to avoid any malfunction that might delay the work.

Achievements of the division

The techniques and programs of communication and informational technologies have become an important criteria that show the advancement of the nations. This development made a revolution in the ideas and methods that bypass the time and place limitations. In order for the division to perform their tasks properly, a suitable environment has been prepared for the division. The preparation for a suitable environment took years to prepare a central data base and sub data basis in colleges. Units for electronic archiving and networking have been established in the university. These units made the whole facilities of the university connected with each other ،

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