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Department of Administrative and Legal Affairs

The department was established in 1991 to handle the administrative and legal affairs in the presidency of the university of Babylon. The department has four units: employment unit, human resources, administrative unit, and legal unit. The duties are distributed as follows:

Organizing the affairs of the employees ( cadre and teaching staff) according to the regulations of staff affairs. Preparing a cadre to deal with the affairs of the employees and human resources to achieve the plans of the university concerning the preparation of a complete cadre in the university of Babylon. Conducting statistics for the human resources the university needs with the coordination of information unit to ensure the well going of education process..

In addition to the above, the unit is also responsible about defending the rights of the university in case someone assaults it. Following the complaints filed against the university weather in police stations or in other administrative departments. Also following the rights of the university and represent it in courts, committees held outside the university like the committees held in the ministry of higher education and scientific research. The committees are held to discuss the legal About Vice_Chancellor, write periodical reports about them, and give them to the presidency of the university. Provide the courts with the needed documents in an investigation, enforcement of court decisions in favor of the university and circulating the incoming mail from the ministry about the laws, amendments, and decisions. .

From the legal side also, the unit prepare the filed complaint against the university and vice versa. The unit also responsible about official letters and judicial reports filed against on in favor of the university. Claiming the dues of the university and follow it periodically according to the laws. Attending the administrative judiciary and discipline boards.

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