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Our team is responsible for strategic and academic planning within the University. We provide administrative support for the Planning and Resources Committees and the Resource Management Committee and a range of other committees and groups. We also manage the University’s annual planning and budgetary cycle and liaise with the academic Schools to assist them with their own planning and resource allocation work. We also work with colleagues from the Human Resources Division and the Finance Division to produce management information concerning students, staff and finance to support internal requirements and to meet external demands such as performance indicators and league tables.

The objectives of Planning and Follow-up Department are to help in setting the necessary principles and standards of the planning process in the administrative, financial and academic fields ,the preparation of plans activities university and the coordination with planning units in the faculties of the university to work on the mechanism for the application of the planning methodology in different formations in the university, the preparation of plans and studies about the desired expansion of the university, to determine the administrative, academic and technical needs of the University and to cooperate, coordinate with the Department of Engineering affairs at the University of affairs with respect to reconstruction projects ,investment projects that are required for the development and reconstruction of the university. Department of studies and planning include the Statistics Division , Division of Planning and Follow-up Division.

Planning and Studies Department
Planning department started with the foundation of the university in 25/4/1991, it has the following units:

Strategic Planning Unit
Developing the necessary information systems in the department to establish a knowledge structure which serves the projects, thesis, and dissertations of the university and the community.Continuous emphasis on the scientific and practical nature of the study programs in the department and its practical projects. Raising the scientific capability of teaching and researching instructors, and stepping up the scientific levels of students graduated from the university. To achieve the planning awareness by emphasizing the philosophy of strategic planning in preparing the structural plans and basic plans of the university. The department continuous commitment to take into consideration the human and ethical dimensions of the higher education to improve the level and quality of education and its positive reflection on the student graduated from the university. We are professional planners, professional specialists, economic developers, preservationists and environmentalists working in a truly multidisciplinary department.

Studies and Planning Unit
This unit studies statistical tables in the colleges and department of the university in general. Analyzing the data to reach the best results that can participate in the development of strategic planning. .

Plans Preparation Unit
The unit prepares the plans for the colleges and department related to the presidency of the university. .

Provide the technical and scientific advices to those authorities who are related to planning process whether in joint working teams or by participating in committees which are related to these things or through consulting contracts by planning consulting Bureau. Setting up scientific conferences, symposiums and study seminars which are related to the disciplines of urban and regional planning. Developing and supporting the cultural and scientific linkages with Iraqi, Arabic, and foreign Scientific institutes. 

Follow-up Division
As a result of the rapid developments taking place at the University of Babylon, and the increasing requirements of the university. The university objective is to reach the best results for the completion of the work with precision and mastery. In order to serve the march of the university and to improve the efficiency of performance and flexibility, follow-up Division has been introduced as the follow-up  Division which operates as a supporting part is providing technical support to other units in the planning process.  As well as follow up the implementation and evaluation of the work of departments continuously. Tasks of the division are:

  • Preparing university yearly guide
  • Giving work-completion statement every 100 days.
  • Archiving the emails of the departments
  • Following the implementations of consulting offices tasks
  • Following university orders and implementations
  • following politically dismissed employees
  • Following the implementation of university orders
  • prepare a special form to follow up the ministerial and official orders.
  • Follow-up the technicians form that deals with the statistics of machinary, etc.

Statistics Division
The Statistics Division is related to planning and follow-up department. It is considered as the main authority for providing statistical data for decision-makers as well as for other entities.                                             ...