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Research Title Magazine Issuance Release Year Page
Higher education ,poverty ,exchanging the impact and the role of the development performance 2008
The requirements of managing the overall quality and its role in confining the policy to customize the Iraqi business Ahl al-Bayt Not mentioned 2008 0
Evaluating the strategies of the Economic and Social development to reconstruct Iraq. Ahl al-Bayt Not mentioned 2008 46
Measuring and estimating the structural imbalances in the Arab economic and social environment since 2010 Economic and financial science Magazine Not mentioned 2008 0
Measuring the effected factors on the US foreign trade with the selected countries Magazine of Babylon university 17 2008 0
Unemployment in Egypt Reality and Prospects) Al- Qadisiya Magazine for Economic and administrative science magazine 2007
Economic analysis of human development indicators in Iraq for the period (1999- 2004) Mustansiriya Not mentioned 2007 18
Risks of taking a debt from other countries over the reality of human development in the chosen Arabic countries . Al-Gray Magazine for economic science 2006
Problems of a state between reasons and results Al- Qadisiya university Magazine 2 2006 46
Iraq's economic policy under the siege and the ways to activate it The administrative and lawful science Magazine 12 2006 1111_1128
The social influences to restructuring and to focus on the unemployment situation 2003
The water issue in the Arabic science ( prospects and future possibilities ) Magazine of Babylon university The seventh 2001 1231
Signs of the new economic policy in Republics Al- Qadisiya Magazine 4 2001 47-54
Analysis of the structure of the industrial ,private section in roads. Al- Qadisiya Magazine 4 2001 41-47
The overall economic reflections Euro over the economy of the Arabic countries, the dimensions and the benefited lessons Al- Qadisiya Magazine 3 2000 21
Exchanging the educational impact between education and higher education Administration and Economics Magazine/Babylon 1950
Analogical study between a typical debt course and the averages of the economic development Magazine of Babylon university 7 95-114
Analogical study between the two concepts " human development and human poverty Mustansiriya university/ Administration and Economics college Magazine
Indictors of the development of transformational industry in Iraq Magazine of Babylon university The forth
Collapse of the Soviet Union and its reflections economically ,stately and over Arabic level. Baghdad university Magazine The third