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Administrative vice chancellor Provide leadership, academic and administrative to the whole University that help the chancellor of the university and the board of the university in implementing the strategic plan. Represent the University externally, both within Iraq and overseas. Secure a financial base sufficient to allow the delivery of the University's mission, aims and objectives. Carry out certain important ceremonial and civic duties. He has many authorities to help him lead the university beside the chancellor of the university toward scientific progress. The authorities of the assistant involve supervising all the departments of the university, providing administrative and legal consultancies to the chairman of the university. The assistant also responsible about the issuance of administrative orders of employment of technicians, teaching staff, and administrative staff in the presidency of the university and the departments related to it. Other responsibility of the assistant are transporting the employees between administrative formations connected with the presidency of the university. The dispatch of employees in and outside the country according to the followed instructions. Giving approval on forming the different committees like investigative committees to investigate the irregularities of staff. The assistant is also responsible about accepting and refusing the resignation of employees except the teaching staff because they are the responsibility of the chancellor of the university. Giving thanks and appreciation to the employees, granting them leave of absences, changing the titles of employees ( administrative and technicians). In addition to field visits to the formations of the university and general supervision on the administrative, legal, and financial tasks. .

The authorities given to the administrative assistant of scientific affairs involve granting temporary and permanent ID's, and following up the missing ID's of the university. Suggesting studies, researches, and activities connected with the administrative, financial, and legal affairs in the university. Approaching the institutions of government except the office of minister to discuss the work of the department. Following up the affairs of dormitory, finding solutions to the problems, signing the paper approved by the chancellor of the university, and granting maternity leaves. Assigning the new employed teaching staff to validity committees, giving recommendations about assigning tasks or drawing tasks from some employees according to the public interest.

As for the authorities granted to the assistant of administrative affairs on the financial level involve granting extra time to the contracts, agreeing on the examinations sheets, granting permissions to buy the required hardware. The assistant also responsible about the preparation of the yearly budget proposal with the cooperation of finance department. The assistant also grants Paydays of the accumulated leaves of absence for the employees, granting thanks and appreciation, financial rewards (maximum 25000), granting financial allocations, suggesting budget transfers, granting permissions to participate in the formal and informal newspapers and journals within the limits, agreeing on advance funds, granting in-kind money as rewards ( maximum 50000), and any other authority given to him by the chancellor .

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