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Division of housing

The division was developed in 23/3/2004 and it is related to the office of administrative vice_chancellor. The division coordinate with the central committee of housing. The central committee is headed by the administraive vice_chancellor with the administrative assistants of the deans of the colleges as members. The committee is responsible about decision making concerning Housing of employees. The tasks of the division can be summarized in housing the employees, keeping the records of the competitors on university housing, following up the procedures after decision making ( electricity, water etc.), and following maintenance of the buildings. The division is also responsible about filing complaints of the irregularities, suggesting giving warnings to the dwellers houses. Following up the financial deductions from the dwellers , receiving the house or apartment from the dwellers after the issuance of evacuation orders.

Tasks of the division

Arranging the applications of the employees and the rates of the employees who already dwell. Conducting periodical surveys in the field to know the real occupation of the houses and apartments. Following up the needs of Housing units like maintenance and cleaning. cooperating with the engineering affairs department for the maintenance of housing units. In addition, the unit is responsible about the financial provision for these needs. When the dwellers evacuate, the division receive the house/apartment. On the other hand, when the committee decide giving a house/apartment to an employee, the division finish the delivering process.

Residential complexes

In the university of Babylon there are four residential complexes ( two complexes inside the university and two outside the university). The number of complexes is as follows, the complexes of the university has 36 apartments, complex of 60 street has 40 apartments, Aljama'ya complex has 18 house. The university does not save any effort to complete Housing units under construction