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The chancellor of the university of Babylon occupies the highest position in the university of Babylon. The chancellor works under the supervision of the minister of higher education and scientific research. He provides the strategic guidance to lead the university according to the criteria of quality assurance that serve the supreme interests. In order for the chancellor to be able to perform the role given to him by the Iraqi government, certain authorities were provided on the scientific, administrative, and financial levels.

The authorities of the chancellor of the university involve having an idea about the book of meeting of the councils of colleges and approve them. In addition, agreeing on the sabbatical for the lecturers, agreeing on the third extinction for after graduate studies with a suggestion from the chancellor of the university. Following up the teaching process and scientific research in the university in addition to granting fellowships ( according to the bilateral agreements signed with the university). Suggesting new colleges, and new departments to the council of the university. The authorities of the chancellor of the university involve approving on the book of meeting of scientific promotions, signing mural certificates, and translation.