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In the name of god the most gracious the most merciful

Babylon, the land of civilizations, from which humanity started, from its clay tables, humanity registered the first letters. From which the prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) illuminated the world with a divine light. The city of Hila, the heir of glory and culture, inherited glory from Babylon. Through out the ages, the city of Hila remained a city of history and humanitarian thinking. From its Hauza a beacon of science emerged to capture the attention of scientists. The city of Hila is named Faihaa ( scented) because of its good smell and pure water. The poet Safai Aldeen A lhily did not exaggerate when he said " those who didn't see the city of Hila are oppressed in their life time. In this city, our scientific edifice ,the university of Babylon, was built to be a real extinction for science, and literature in the land of civilizations. Date of birth of this massive university is 25/4/1991. It has 18 colleges in addition to research and scientific units. The number of its students in the year 2013 reached (17203)for the morning studies, and (2350) for evening studies. The number of after graduate students is (1509) distributed on (71) fields. The number of PhD students is (410), the number of master students (1050), and the number of diploma students is (49). The suggested plan is to start master studies in the field of computer technology/ department of networking, and master studies in the department of environment engineering in addition to PhD studying clinical chemistry in the college of medicine. As for the missions , the university has got 100 offered places this year for staff and non-staff to complete their studies. In terms of dispatching professors of the university of Babylon, the university dispatched 334 lecturer to participate in conferences, attend sessions , workshops , and training sessions in the previous year.
The university is keen to hold agreements with the international universities. Some agreements have been activated, like the agreement with Liverpool university john Morris, the university of Cranfield, and the two Iranian universities of Alrazy and Kermanshah. There is a plan to activate agreements with other international universities especially the universities that have international ranking.

Professor Adil Hadi Albaghdady
Chancellor of the University of Babylon