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The leading role of the Presidency of the University of Babylon

To establish the educational and academic policies of the university; To be concerned with and to participate actively in decisions made on other matters that may directly affect educational policies for which the University Council is primarily responsible; To act upon reports from designated committees, boards, commissions, or councils whose actions affect the educational and academic policies of the university; To advise on policies regarding academic salaries, sabbatical leaves, leaves without pay, tenure, and promotion. The University Council shall establish a personnel committee which will review and approve, in accordance with the bylaws of the university, policy recommendations concerning salary and all recommendations pertaining to tenure, promotions in rank, and sabbatical leaves. To establish such standing and temporary committees as may be necessary for the discharge of its responsibilities; to define the membership, jurisdiction, and authority of such committees; to resolve disputes among committees thus established; and to act on the reports submitted by such committees. To advise the president, and the vice presidents, on policies affecting the quality of student life on campus. [ Click here to browse the full details ].

The Chancellor chairs Council and is responsible for providing leadership to Council in the execution and review of its governance responsibilities. The Chancellor represents Council at meetings concerned with governance issues across the sector (for example, Chancellors’ meetings, meetings with representatives of government) and provides advice and support to the Vice-Chancellor. The Chancellor is also typically the spokesperson for Council on governance issues. The Council Secretariat is responsible for University-wide matters relating to governance, assurance, risk management and compliance. A substantial portion of the section’s activities relates to the servicing of Council and many of its committees. Such work goes beyond clerking these committees; where appropriate, the section will also handle much of the work generated by the committees.

Council is responsible for determining the system of internal controls operated by the University and for monitoring the adequacy and effectiveness of the control environment. Council has agreed on the major strategic risks to the University's activities and these are reviewed on a regular basis to identify developments and to consider any additional matters which need to be addressed.

Furthermore, Council is responsible for meeting the conditions of the Financial Memorandum between the Funding Council and the University. Council is required, amongst other things, to take reasonable steps to ensure that there are appropriate financial and management controls in place to safeguard public funds and funds from other sources, and to safeguard the assets of the University and prevent and detect fraud and other irregularities.