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Developed Studies Division

The study of Development will help you to understand development activism and how development can be planned, organised and managed to meet the needs of all, especially the most marginalised communities around the world. You will learn from lecturers and fellow learners who have first hand experience of working with international aid agencies and local communities in Iraq. The Division does not have lower administrative levels (ie administrative units). Tasks of the division are distributed on the employees in the Division. The goal of the division is to provide After Graduate studies in accordance with the guidelines and instructions. The programme offers learners an opportunity to explore contemporary theories of social change and development and to analyse development policies and practices. It builds skills, especially in relation to research, leadership and working with groups and in the planning, management and evaluation of development projects.

Student Affairs, Graduate Studies Department

Dear Visitors, Welcome to the Student Affairs website! Each member of our staff is dedicated to the enrichment of the student experience at Babylon University. Among the major units of Student Affairs are: University Sports, Student Housing, Student Activities, Counseling Center, Career and Placement Services, Student Work Study as well as major events such as Orientation, Outdoors and the Job Fair. It is thrilling to be part of a team that works towards making Babylon university what it is: an institution that graduates the best students in the region and among the most talented anywhere in the world. As you click through the pages bear in mind that our principal driving motivation is for the Office of Student Affairs to provide solid support and offer rich-co-curricular educational activity at Babylon University. We are blessed with a diverse and vibrant student body. Take your time to find out more about our unique campus life at Babylon University and the services and programs we offer. This site also provides access to important guidelines and regulations pertaining to the Work Study Program and Student Activities.

Admission and Planning Division

At Babylon University we understand that no individual is alike and we also believe that Higher Education should be an opportunity for many. This is why our entry requirements are flexible and we look at the whole of you - not just your School/academic results. We look at your work and life experience and assess the likelihood of success. General admission to the college is governed by the overarching principles of fairness, transparency, and timeliness, and is based on a combined range of factors, including merit, academic performance. 

Data Base Division

The division is responsible about the prepartion of  data base for students both preliminary and after graduate. The data  bases are prepared separtly for all students who attend the university. Graduated students are also have a special data base prepred by the division of data base. Disimissed students are also have data base prepared by the division.