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students affairs in university of babylon

Registration and Student Affairs Department

In order to constantly improve and upgrade student services and the student experience at University of Babylon, Student Affairs uses one guiding principle over and over again: What serves our university students best?? We want students to achieve their goals in the fewest steps possible, while understanding all of their options and having rewarding interactions with university staff. That's why we promote school spirit through campus events.

Connects first-year students with staff resources that assist them with campus life and academic skills. Also provides them with seminars and workshops on a variety of topics including time management, conflict resolution and tips for studying.Students can cut down on time spent in long lines or wandering from office to office by conveniently accessing a variety of administrative and business services all at one location on the beginning of the campus of the university.

Enrollment Management Systems  provides quality programming and system support to help Enrollment Management recruit students, administer financial aid, and admit, enroll and retain an academically excellent and diverse student population. :

1. Intiating electronic archive unit for all the divisions in the department.

2. Intiating data base division with the following units:
A- unit of networking system
B- Accounting Unit
C- Graduates Unit
C- University ID Unit

4. Finishing graduate guide.
5. Issuince of graduation documents by using anti forgery forms .

About Registration and Student Affairs Department

Offices of Registration and Student Affairs department are situated in the western part of the campus of the University,  behind the compound of the presidency of the University of Babylon. Head of the department is currently a member in council of the University Presidency. professor Dr. Safaa Hussein Obeid. Students can communicate electronically with the Department of Registration and Student Affairs on the following Addresses: internal phone: 1284 : 2021: 1302