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Scientific vice chancellor plays an important role in leading the scientific process for Babylon University according to the strategies that have been set by the Council of Babylon university .He is responsible to play his role properly and under the supervision of the Chancellor of Babylon university .Provide leadership, academic and administrative to the whole University. Represent the University externally, both within the Iraq and overseas. Carry out certain important ceremonial and civic duties.
To be able to do those strategies , the Ministry of Higher education and scientific research granted him full supervision over all the scientific centers in University and the departments related to it , the full supervision over the scientific activities In colleges ,institutions ,centers of the university. In addition , he is responsible of making a scientific plan and handing it to the Chancellor of University to show it to the council of Babylon University for authentication purposes .Also , he is responsible to recommend the Chancellor to grant the scientific certificates for the graduates in every major in the University , to have knowledge over the students scientific problems, to have an opinion about the lecturers dispatch and recommended it to the Chancellor of University .

He also represents the university in meetings ,conferences , and the scientific committees which are related to his work .In addition , he is responsible to define the number of the accepted students in the morning and evening studies in different majors. Furthermore, he is responsible to suggest the nominations of fellowships, scientific missions regarding with employees in the University Presidency , to follow the programs, researches, conferences and scientific seminars that have been set by colleges, institutions and university centers. Other responsibilities are to approve students' certificates according to the rules , a full supervision over the students' (intellectual, artistical , athletical) activities in university , to form the different scientific committees in university , issuing summer training for students , fieldwork for lecturers , making plans to make more connections between university and fieldworks.
Other administrative authorities that had to be done by the Assistant of the Chancellor of Babylon university is to make connections with different ministries , except the administer office, about different specialties . He have to give a copy about such connections to the Chancellor of Babylon's office and to sign the transactions. He is also responsible for the transportation of the employees in the centers that related to him after discussing it with their manager and to send an appreciation letters for the employees for their special work. He has the authority to give encouraging bonus in scientific majors not to be more than fifty thousand Iraqi dinars.
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