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Introduction about the plan given by the team

Following a ten or five years plan is a priority for any institution. Through this plan, vision, mission, objectives , and strategies of work become clear.

The strategic planning of an organization is employing all the resources to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the institution in a specified time limits. This is done through a real partnership with the employees and related parties. Babylon university, a scientific institution, seeks a balanced growth in improving the academic level by studying the environmental and developmental reality. The results of the study identify the vision, mission, objectives, and strategies to be executed in line of the objectives of the twenty first millennium.
So, the university deemed through its leadership to start strategic planning by preparing a ten year plan for the period of 2010-2020 to improve the university and protect its environment. The mechanism of action of the plan focused on answering the following questions:

    [-]  Where are we now (and reality)?

    [-]   Where do we want to be? ( vision and objectives)

    [-]   How do we get there? ( plans, programs, and projects)

    [-]   Are we there yet? ( implementation, monitoring)

To see this clearly, we should follow the plan and conduct feedback to know if the aim of the plan is accomplished or not. If it is not, we should reconsider the plan, make amendments in the periodical reviews (at least in yearly basis). After reconsideration, the team updates the plan taking into consideration the latest developments resulted from the changes of the plan. The most important factor for the success of the plan is to have a constant institutional formation connected with the chancellor of the university. This institutional formation follow up the implementation of the plan and work on the following:

    [-]   Make amendments on the suggested projects.

    [-]   Make changes in the suggested projected .

    [-]   Cancelling or adding other projects. .

- This should be done with the cooperation of the parties suggested the projects in the first place . The institutional formation can be named as (Chamber of the university for strategic planning). The plan has come in the form of two reports:

First report: ensures the general framework of the strategic plan ( on the level of the university) and the detailed framework of the strategic plan ( on the level of the administrative and scientific departments of the university).

Second report: first step is analyzing the field and then determine a basic blueprint for the university and for the sites of the projects. We wish this effort is a new beginning for the development of our university.