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The general frame of the strategic plan

The general frame of the strategic plan ( 2010-2020) for the improvement and development of the university.

Vision of the university

We are looking forward to be international university by the year 2020 by following a sold curriculum that keep base with the latest developments in the field of knowledge. The vision of the university is compatible with the ethical, cultural, and social values of the community.

Mission of the university

  • o Serving the community with distinguished cultural and scientific effort.
  • o Graduating cadres able to meet the needs of the market demands.
  • o Teaching students the modern methods of knowledge to be a distinguished personality.
  • o Improvement of the curriculums according to the international criteria of quality assurance.
  • o Achieving excellency in the field of university teaching and scientific research on both international and local levels.
  • o Participating effectively in protecting the environment.
  • o Providing the requirement of the infrastructure of the university.
  • o Reinforcing the fields that are distinguished in the colleges and centers of the university.
  • o Reinforcing the centers and research units that give services to the community.
  • o Provision of visions in the international and local issues according to a cooperation agreement between the university, the teaching staff and the beneficiaries.
  • o Taking care of the continuous education for the classes of the community.
  • o Reinforcing cooperation between the university and other universities or centers in the community on the international and local levels.

Objectives of the university

  • o Uniting the institutional culture emerging from the mission and vision of the university. .
  • o Preparation university environment suits the expectations of the students of the country as well as the expectations of other countries.
  • o Having the means to develop a criteria for measuring the scientific and applied levels of university students.
  • o Seeking the international accreditation for teaching quality and achieving prestigious position among international universities.
  • o Connecting the fields of study with the needs of the market in quality and quantity.
  • o To be distinguished in research programs that develop the cooperation with the centers and educational institutions on the local and international levels.
  • o Participate effectively in protecting the environment.
  • o Gaining the trust of the community in the scientific results of the university which are represented by the graduate
  • o Developing the university by investing its resources and spend the income to develop the scientific research