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Chancellor's Speech

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SWOT analysis for the university
Strategic plan ( 2010-2020) for the development of the university

The strength points of the plan

  • o Diverse and up to date teaching programs for the bachelor and after graduation studies..
  • o Quality of the laboratories has a strong effects on the reputation of the graduates.
  • o Closeness of the university from the locations of services, places of amusements, and shopping centers. .
  • o Existence of the programs for the new students.

Weaknesses in the plan

  • o Weak points of the plan
  • o Weak rehabilitation programs for the teaching staff.
  • o 50% Incomplete infrastructure.
  • o Limited excellency of scientific research locally and internationally.
  • o Limited campus leads to a limited production.
  • o Lack of activities that develop the quality of the environment of the university.
  • o Limited promotional and productive activities.
  • o No programs for foreign students.
  • o Weak relationship between the private and public sector.
  • o Weak relationship between research centers and the academic institutions.

Risks faces the strategic plan

  • o Starting universities in the neighboring countries and open branches for them in iraq.
  • o Scarcity of local and international donors.
  • o Weak awareness about the environment.

Risks facing the comprehensive strategic plan

  • Begin to establish private universities in neighboring countries and open branches in Iraq.
  • Dearth of local and international donors.
  • The weakness of the general level of environmental awareness of the segments of society.