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Tasks of the strategic planning chamber
Supervision of the execution of the strategic plan for the improvement of the university of Babylon. Cooperation with the responsible authorities in the university for updating the projects. Preparation of lists and time limits for the suggested projects according to the priority.
Cooperation with the engineering affairs department, scientific affairs, and continuous education center for putting a budget for the projects in accordance with the priority and the time limits ( short term, medium term, long term). It is agreed that the centers and colleges should update the projects listed in the strategic plan within a month time period.
Stratgic Planning Chamber and Babylon University.
The chamber is connected with the chancellor of the university of Babylon in planning for the improvement of the university of Babylon. In addition, the chamber provides the planning department in the presidency of the university with lists of the projects in accordance with the priority and the time limits
Formation of committees
Forming committees for the execution of the duties of the chamber

  • Committee for the preparation of GIS maps
  • Committee for analyzing the needed projects..
  • Committee for the preparation of place, plans, and use of lands of the university.

The Chancellor of the university approved the head of engineering affairs to make a contract with a a sold communication company to provide the university with GIS maps.

You can download the contents of the strategic plan from the following link: