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Scientific CV
Position Order's Number Order's Date Issuer Starting Date Disengagement Date
Dean ق ا /976 27/04/2004 Chancellor of Karbala University 26/04/2004 06/05/2004
Dean 4329 24/02/2013 chancellor of Babylon University 24/02/2013 06/05/2014
Vice_Chancellor for administrative affairs 284 07/05/2014 07/05/2014 06/05/2014
College Council Secretariat 827 02/10/1999 Dean of Administration and Economics college/Karbala 02/10/1999 21/10/2000
Vice_ Chancellor for scientific affairs د/8554 16/08/2005 chancellor of Babylon University 16/08/2005 24/02/2013
Dean 7006 23/03/2010 Chancellor of Babylon University 22/03/2010 26/04/2010
Vice_Dean for scientific affairs 123 23/03/2004 chancellor of Babylon University 23/03/2004 28/07/2005

Country Univeristy College Major Degree Order's Number Order's Date Issuer Counted ؟
Iraq University of Basra Administration and Economics college Administration and Economics Bachelor 307 30/07/1988 Dean of the Administration and Economics college/Karbala Yes
Iraq University of Baghdad Administration and Economics college Economics Master 98397 21/11/1994 chancellor of Baghdad University Yes
Iraq University of Alqadesea the Administration and Economics college Economics PhD 4255 23/08/2004 chancellor of Alqadesea University Yes

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