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Strategic projects of the university of Babylon

The projects are divided into three main groups depending on the priority of a project. Depending on the recommendations of the staff of the strategic plan. Look at the list of contents of the website on the right side of the page. In each group, projects came in the following arrangement:

priority Projects in the first year of the plan (2010-2020)

  • Developing the scientific skills of lecturers according to needs of academic accreditation.
  • Development of the means of transportation for the students and employees of the university..
  • Releasing the project of determining the use of the lands for the university.
  • Rehabilitation of the sewer system and treatment plant. .
  • Rehabilitation of the entrance of the university in addition to planting gardens. .
  • Establishment of a broadcasting radio channel (FM).

Priority projects within three years of the plan

  • • Establishment of printing and publishing center.
  • • Development of legends and presentation means.
  • • Establishing a leisure complex for the students.
  • • Establishing a cultural complex.
  • • Using the lands of the university for the production of crops.
  • • Qualification of the classes, laboratories in accordance with the criteria of quality assurance.
  • • Start a project for recycling the wastes of the university.
  • • Start a project for the production of drinking water.
  • • Establishing a central laboratory for the Sophisticated equipment.

Priority projects within ten years of the plan

  • • Starting the project of university traditions.
  • • Establishment of a hospital for the university..
  • • Establishment of residency units for rent and investments.
  • • Afforestation of the laboratories and workshops of the university